What better to live than a faithful
and to be a
good husband for a godly wife?

I am a songwriter, a web smith and I follow Christ. Among the many things I am thankful for are having and holding my wife Ana, and raising up two beautiful girls Faith and Harmony.

I have not achieved it, but I focus on this one thing: forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead, I press on to reach the end of the race and receive the heavenly prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling us. Paul's letter to the Philippians, chapter 3, verses 13–14

Perhaps GOD does not have a favourite style of
but simply a
favourite style of heart?

Each album that I write becomes a chronicle of my life, a diary set to sound and orchestration. I hope that you will enjoy sharing in this journey, and will support my desire to keep journaling and worshiping in new expressive ways.

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Fire / Water

Why is the Holy Spirit sometimes like fire, other times like rain? I find myself marvelling at the never-ending aspects of God, and His divine ability to be all we need for every moment we need Him.

  1. 1 Cloud Rider
  2. 2 Praise to the Lord, the Almighty
  3. 3 YHWH
  4. 4 Layers
  5. 5 Spirit Break Out
  6. 6 Take Me In
  7. 7 Come Jesus Come
  1. 8 Through Fire
  2. 9 Restitution
  3. 10 See You More Clearly
  4. 11 At the Feed of the Saviour
  5. 12 There's No One Like You
  6. 13 Everything I Need

Push Pause

This was a special album for me as I awoke one morning with the names of every track, before writing a single one. It is a journey through worship as we pause, make room for the Lord and then surrender everything to Him.

  1. 1 Push Pause
  2. 2 Make Room
  3. 3 Bless His Name
  4. 4 Give Thanks
  5. 5 Open Our Hearts
  6. 6 Wait on the Lord
  1. 7 Surrender Everything
  2. 8 Intimacy
  3. 9 One (As You Are One)
  4. 10 Be Changed Forever
  5. 11 Now Go

The Genesis

The Genesis was my own challenge to write a Christian Orchestral Rock Concept Album, telling the book of Genesis in musical and song form over 2 CDs. The styles range from instrumental to ballads, to heavy rock, as the themes move with the story.

  1. 1 The Genesis
  2. 2 Eden
  3. 3 Cursed!
  4. 4 Make Your Stand
  5. 5 Before the Rainfall
  6. 6 The Great Flood
  7. 7 Follow My Lead
  8. 8 The Journey
  9. 9 Birth of a Nation
  10. 10 Sarah's Time
  11. 11 Return
  12. 12 Find Myself a Name
  13. 13 Heaven's Gates
  14. 14 What It Means to Love
  15. 15 A Struggle
  1. 16 Two Brothers Reunited
  2. 17 Dreamer
  3. 18 No Room For Twelve
  4. 19 Lose It
  5. 20 Sold into Slavery
  6. 21 Nine To Five
  7. 22 Take Me Out
  8. 23 Betrayal
  9. 24 Now And Always
  10. 25 Dark Dreams
  11. 26 Higher than the Heavens
  12. 27 Seven Years of Famine
  13. 28 Revenge Is A Bitter Pill
  14. 29 Revelation
  15. 30 Heaven's Gates II


Having finished University and now facing my life as a working adult, I wrote the songs of Commitment as a profession of my continued faith in the Lord and a desire to be serious about it.

  1. 1 Next Level
  2. 2 City of Righteousness
  3. 3 Commitment
  4. 4 Sing a New Song
  5. 5 Million Wordless Love Songs
  6. 6 Psalm
  7. 7 Take Me Out
  1. 8 Banner of Love
  2. 9 Lord of the Light
  3. 10 So Much
  4. 11 Allegiance (to You)
  5. 12 All For Love
  6. 13 Awesome
  7. 14 Fields of Glory

    To be like the creator is to observe our own
    and appreciate
    every good work

    Like any developer I love creating solutions to problems, but I also appreciate the aesthetics of design and the user's experience. I believe that great solutions rely on equal attention to both function and form.

    A good product will perform the required work for the user, and even do it well. But only a great product can take that work and make it so enjoyable that the user will take on more work just to keep using it.