Seth Jeffery

I am a developer who makes websites, databases, mobile apps, and scripts, while in my free time I am a prolific musician having composed plenty of songs and albums. I love learning technology and being creative. Check out my portfolio of projects and tracks here on this website.

23rd January 2012

Chocolate Doritos

I stumbled upon this idea last night in a flash of what I'd like to reserve the right to call culinary genius.

14th October 2011


God so loved, that he gave. Giving is the greatest expression of love.

January, 2011

Struan Robertson

Eight in the Middle asked me to help them build a content-managed site for Struan Robertson Associates.

13th October 2011

New MetroBlox design!!

I have just finished my new MetroBlox jQuery plugin, and I have to say I'm quite pleased with it.

13th October 2011


God allows us to hold the Present
But only for a moment
And then we must return it to Him

12th October 2011

Bogota // February 2011

I took a trip to Bogota, Colombia to see my lady Ana and her family.

12th October 2011


On 9th September 2011 I married the most beautiful woman in the world.

6th October 2011

Jobs Is Dead (But We're Still Alive)

Steve Jobs spent his life inventing many technological wonders, polish­ing them to a very shiny standard, and making a lot of money for his...

6th October 2011

Where Two Are Gathered

There are many benefits to being married that you don't realise when you are single -- likewise there are many benefits to being single that you...

5th October 2011


A mystery will leave you in wonder
A miracle will leave you in awe
A life laid down will leave you in love


I develop websites and sometimes I write music.

My albums: Push Pause | The Genesis | Commitment